Quantitative Equity

We have developed a robust and customizable investment platform for accessing the full range of opportunities available in the global equity markets. The platform is based on our close to 40 years of research and experience building dynamic, systematic multi-factor portfolios that seek to capture both risk premia and mispricing opportunities created by the variations in behavior over sectors and time. Portfolios invest across the capitalization spectrum in developed as well as emerging markets, and include actively managed core, value-oriented, growth-oriented, short-enabled and higher-alpha approaches. Our strategies emphasize effective portfolio implementation, both by building diversified portfolios to maximize return per unit of risk and by cost-efficient execution, as an important contributor to outperformance.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Our investment team navigates the finite but ever changing nature of asset classes via a combination of advanced quantitative techniques and seasoned judgment accumulated over many a market cycle. Our strategies, which encompass a wide spectrum of traditional and non-traditional asset classes, are solutions-based and dynamic. Solutions range from balanced stock-bond portfolios to market participation and protection strategies to strategies geared toward generating income or lowering inflation risk. Whether managing to tactical or more strategic long-term objectives, portfolio managers recalibrate allocations to identify the strongest risk-adjusted return potential for current conditions – including monitoring developments for factors that might not have been important in the past but may be critical to securing stronger future returns.